Work Sample

Below you’ll find additional samples of the sites that I’ve created for nonprofits and nonprofit-focused agencies.

NJFON Interactive Map Design

NJFON / National Justice for Our Neighbors

service map design

National Justice for Our Neighbors wanted a professional-looking interactive map that would help people to find their local NJFON sites, for immigration help and related services.

However, JFON sites are not always open on a set schedule, and there were other concerns about having folks show up unannounced.

So this map strikes a balance — the new map makes it easy to find and get help, while also obscuring the exact locations of sites on the map.

Friends Shelter Calendar design

Friends Shelter

calendar design

The Friends Shelter wanted a mobile-responsive calendar design for their new site. This new design makes it easy for volunteers to sign up for shifts and manage their own schedule.
M+R Toolshed Page Design


website design, Toolshed page as an example

Inspired by the M+R logo, you’ll find square shapes and animated squares throughout the new M+R website.

This toolshed page design encourages visitors to try the digital tools that M+R creates for their nonprofit clients.

Easter egg: on the website, hover over the logo for a fun animation.

Tims for Congress homepage design

Tims for Congress

homepage design

For this 2020 congressional campaign, I designed a homepage to match the client’s bold color palette, with a straightforward design that inspires visitors to take action.