Nonprofit Website Essentials Pro Plan


  • Help as you need it — basic technical support for website issues by phone and email
  • Ongoing maintenance to keep your site running well — Get the latest new features, bug fixes, and security updates through WordPress updates and plugin updates, with basic testing to ensure compatibility with your website.
  • Pro Hosting with features that improve website security, plus website backups, site monitoring, and a staging site where you can test changes safely.
  • Web development help — Our Code Credits feature enables you to get small, helpful web development tasks done for no extra charge, such as small styling changes and the addition of code snippets on your website.

Scope of Support

  • Identify and remedy hosting and uptime issues (requires use of our hosting)
  • Identifying application-level WordPress issues versus platform-level issues
  • Identifying problematic modules and plugins
  • Assistance with basic caching issues
  • Find appropriate documentation

Code Credits

Our unique Code Credits feature enables you to get more done on your website, with help for web development tasks at no extra charge.

Code Credits can be used as follows:

  • 1 credit enables you to get a small styling change, such as if you need to change a hard-coded color in a section of your website to match the rest of your branding.
  • 1 credit enables you to get a new code snippet or social media pixel added to your site, such as a line of code that you needed added for the sake of Google Analytics, Facebook ads, or similar third-party services that ask you to add small bits of code to your site.
  • 5 credits enables you to get a new embedded donation form or email newsletter form embedded on your site and tested successfully, from third-party donation and email providers that offer such a capability, such as MailChimp and Kindful.

Code credits are available for the length of your plan, and expire at the end of your plan term, with an option to renew.